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We'd like to introduce you to a friend of ours - his name is ARCimedes, or...


...to his friends.  

Two ARCies

Stunning performance.  Whisper quiet.  Room to grow.
He's ARCie

He’s actually a computer, and we think you’ll get on famously. He takes his name from his chassis, and as RISC OS people, how could we not create a system from a case called the ARC?!

With the ARCie, we’ve thought long and hard about what we would want from something with a name that has so much RISC OS history. Whilst our first inclination would be to design a pure-ARM system, current motherboards rather dictate against use in the larger chassis. The ARC chassis represents a small/mid tower offering which is something our RISCube range has traditionally failed to offer, so we decided that the ARCie should offer the functionality we love from the RISCube, taken to the max. After all, any ARCie should offer the absolute best tech available, right?

Naturally, that means that every ARCie includes solid state drive technology to ensure the fastest possible startup and application responsiveness. Our first customer-ARCie boots from cold in less than 10 seconds, which is faster than our RiscPCs. However, almost every RISCube we sell now uses solid state disc technology, so on its own that’s not hugely exciting - an ARCie needs more...!

Remembering our Archimedes namesake and his Eureka moment in the bath, we decided that ARCies should embrace another high end element - liquid cooling for the lowest temperatures, quietest operation and solid, reliable build (such cooling is firmly attached to the chassis, which we feel is better for transport and avoids working against gravity). This method of cooling is a logical extension of the system used in RISCubes, which pipes heat away from the processor and blows it out of the case. For the ARCie, we do something similar, but are able to use the natural “heat rises” principle to take the heat and exhaust it out of the system. Of course, if anyone prefers air cooling, that’s no problem at all.

With cooling taken care of, we can tune the ARCie for maximum performance. As such, the systems offer high end CPUs, and allow clock speeds past 4Ghz (warrantied overclocking available as standard if you wish), to ensure the absolute best RISC OS experience available, since RISC OS performance scales directly with clock speed. In benchmarks, our test ARCie scores more than 3x the performance of an Iyonix, and nearly twice that of many current “off the shelf” PCs. It’s very, very quick.

We also focus on the minor details - each component is carefully selected, right down to things like the modular power supply, to ensure the neatest cabling (unrestricted airflow), fan speed control for lowest noise, removable drive trays (clear airflow, again, and easy expansion) and so on. We’ll probably have the side panel off at shows, so you can take a look for yourself.

The ARCie offers a large number of USB2 and USB3 ports, HDMI, DVI, VGA and other connectivity options, gigabit networking, wireless (if required) and high quality audio. If you so desire, we can even include the latest “Thunderbolt” connectivity. Basically, this is cutting edge computing that you simply wouldn’t find in high street stores or “big name” mass-market vendors. Optimised just like our RISCubes, it delivers the best “out of the box” experience we can produce. Simply put, the ARCie offers one of the best systems currently available, giving superb results in RISC OS, or Windows (7 or XP available, but we’re not fans of Win8 thus far). We may even be able to offer legacy options such as parallel printer or floppy, subject to availability...

Available in two physical sizes, ARCies start at £899 with models designed for different depths of pockets available at £999, £1099, £1199 etc. However, we’ve taken steps to ensure that all models offer the high end features mentioned above, as it wouldn’t be an ARCie without the latest technology. Why not call us on 01925 755043 and make friends with your ARCie today?