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RISCBook Laptops

The latest mobile technology
meets RISC OS

Centrino The RISCBook was the first solution to marry the latest mobile computing of Intel's Centrino technology with the RISC OS operating system. The combination of high-performance/ low-power processors (a concept highly familiar to existing RISC OS users!) to provide longer battery life, and also incorporates technologies such as wireless networking for a truly mobile computing solution was quite a revelation! Over time, our range has grown and developed, but these founding principles - performance, mobility and quality - still drive all our laptops.

With battery life comes high speed

The CPU at the heart of the RISCBook is able to offer high performance even at relatively low Mhz ratings. For example, the original entry level RISCBook used a 1.4Ghz processor, yet equaled (and even outperformed) the desktop 2600+ systems of the time. The classic Artworks apple rendered in under 2 seconds, which was amongst the fastest times recorded for a RISC OS 4 machine. Not bad for a system which offered 5 hours battery life!

At the Manchester User Group in Jan '04, the standard RISCBook was demonstrated rendering Artworks illustrations, and found to be faster than the most high-end desktop (pure-ARM) RISC OS machine currently available (the Iyonix)...

rbse.gif - 3732 bytes What this boils down to is an extremely fast laptop computer, capable of running RISC OS and Windows, with wireless networking (and normal networking) and good battery life. As you might expect, such laptops command a price point towards the higher end of the market, yet we are able to offer the RISCBook with both RISC OS and Windows from £650 inclusive of VAT and UK delivery, a price normally associated with purely-Windows machines.

Common features

The RISCBook range shares a number of features in common - some of these are listed below. Be sure to check out the individual machine pages (available down the right hand side) for additional information. Please also bear in mind that we offer quite a few other variants with slightly differing specifications, so if you are looking for a particular feature, we strongly recommend telephoning us on (+44) (0)1925 755043.

  • Intel mobile platform which runs RISC OS substantially faster than an StrongArm RiscPC (most benchmarks are 3x or more - that's faster than an Iyonix)
  • RISC OS 4/Adjust and Windows 7+
  • At least 4096Mb of RAM (4Gb)
  • At least 500Gb hard drive (many customers choose a Solid State Disc for best performance/mobility)
  • Wireless networking (and wired networking)
  • DVD and CD rewrite
  • 3 or more USB 2 ports
  • VGA (external monitor) and/or HDMI TV/monitor outputs
  • around 2kg weight (with battery installed) which is comparatively light
  • Mains charger unit
  • Antivirus/firewall software, DVD software, and CD writing included
  • UniPrint is included free of charge, allowing printing to almost any printer

Customers should note that because the RISCBook is a truly mobile computer, legacy ports such as parallel and floppy are not present. This ensures low weight, and is made up for by other inbuilt technologies, and there are ways to circumnavigate this if the user desperately needs specific ports (please contact us for more info).

Additional variants available

The models listed in our Product Range to the right represent just a few more common models in our range. We encourage potential customers to phone us on (+44) (0)1925 755043 to discuss other variants if they have particular requirements (eg. particular ports, ultra-high resolution screens etc). The speed of change in this market means that we are often able to introduce new features, higher speeds, and more, so don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like to know more.