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Flexible tower design,
bursting with cutting edge
technology for some of the
best RISC OS
we've ever seen!


Compact Size.  Performance.  Low Noise.  Style.

When it comes to computing, these things matter. Usually, you have to sacrifice one, to get another. But does it have to be that way? We say not. Our SpaceCube and RISCube range of computer systems aims to deliver some of the most stylish and compact systems available, without compromising on components and performance. Since we value our silence, we work hard to make sure the computer you purchase runs as quietly and smoothly as possible.

Your machine. Your way.

x2black_3.gif - 12Kb Every machine that we build is created to order, and we'll always spend the time with you to ensure that the machine you purchase is the right choice for you. We don't believe that soulless off-the-shelf computers are the right way to go, because the difference between an average computer and a great one is in the care and attention to detail. It takes us about a day's work to build and test each system - sometimes more. This time is spent in literally hundreds of optimisations, tweaks, enhancements and tests to ensure that your computer is as slick and robust as possible. We do everything we can to ensure that all the components you choose from us are ready to go the moment you turn on, and that everything is optimally configured.

Confidence, Support and Reliability

laptop Sometimes things go wrong, it's a fact of life. That's why when you buy your computer from us, it is important to feel confident that it is the right choice. We have a track record of nearly 20 years servicing both the RISC OS and Windows marketplaces, and provide comprehensive support and service with every machine. Each computer is built with the care and attention as if it were our own, and you'll even be able to talk to the real people who worked on your machine, should you need support or help. Indeed, our ethic is to sell only components and machines that we would want to use ourselves. Even outside of warranty, we'll endeavour to provide you with professional advice and service because we still take pride in each machine.

RISCube, SpaceCube or RISCBook?

You'll find we offer three types of machine - the RISCube, the SpaceCube and the RISCBook. The differences between the machines lie in which operating systems they run, how they will be used, and what software is bundled. The machines with RISC in the name refer to the RISC OS operating system, originally created by Acorn Computers Ltd, but now developed onwards by companies such as RISC OS Ltd. It is popular for its easy-to-use software, virus resistance, speedy desktop environment and beautiful text/font rendering (essential for DTP/design work). The machines that run RISC OS also run Windows, in order to give the broadest range of software compatibility. They are bundled with our UniPrint software which allows RISC OS to use any Windows-compatible (ie. almost any) printer.
For information on running Linux on RISCube/SpaceCube machines, please click here. It is now possible to offer 3 operating systems on even a basic RISCube!
SpaceCube machines run either Windows or Linux. Originally designed to be used as part of a network (hence the supplied Remote Control software), many users run them as standalone machines - the choice is yours. SpaceCube machines will usually have a lower pricetag than the equivalent RISCube version, as they only come with one operating system, rather than two!
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